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The Loop collection is a testament to Bea Bongiasca's artistic evolution. 
Bea put in this collection a decade of growth resulting in jewelry that embodies timeless elegance yet always retaining her unconventional approach.

Endless loops reflecting the cyclical nature of life and creativity

The enamel adds a touch of sophistication in the form of tactile dots

Designed to make a bold statement, the earrings and rings are meant to be stacked together

A unique color palette that pays homage to the Y2K era with the iconic colors of pink and green 

Gold as well as pavé diamonds take center stage

I wanted to explore the limitless possibilities of gold while maintaining the balance between contemporary innovation and more traditional luxury. Loop represents the idea that the relationship between the wearer and the jewel is cyclical, akin to a never-ending loop; one cannot exist without the other 

Bea Bongiasca


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