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Introducing the ANTEPRIMA x Bea Bongiasca Collection, a mesmerizing fusion of meticulously crafted WIREBAGs and accessories, radiating with vibrant colors and contemporary allure. Also this collaboration symbolize the integration of the Milan and Tokyo, where both city represent the endless wellspring of inspiration, fashion, pop culture and art. The extravagant Kawaii style with Bea and ANTEPRIMA’s combination of organic shapes, colourful palette, which calling for a new generation that looks and feels like a fun time.

I am very pleased to work with Bea for our fun collaboration project. 

I have known Bea since she was a little girl, she always curious about Japan culture and had wonderful vision and amazing talent. Its funny that how she got inspiration from her deep passion for pop culture including Tokyo, because other way around for me. Milan captivates me with its allure. Its vibrant streets, captivating art, and rich history, infusing each of my collection with the essence of la dolce vita. I believe Milan and Tokyo are not just a place—it's a passion, a muse, and a lifelong love affair that fuels everyone’s creativity and fills the soul with joy. This collection is a celebration of the individualism with love which incorporate the pop culture and atmosphere of unusual blend of Tokyo and Milan 

Izumi OginoANTEPRIMA Creative Director


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